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A Board Game Inspired by Jain Dharma and Indic Culture | Swacardz

A client reached out to us at Swacardz saying they would like to have a fun game that has a combination of philosophies and practices of Jain Dharma as well as elements of Indic Culture. After creating a few card games in the last few years, we have crafted our first board game called ‘Sohum’ (सोहम्) which translates to ‘You are therefore I am’.

In the Game of Sohum, you get to manage your sustenance through the seasons of Kartik until Ashwin by making difficult decisions and choices and thereby get to earn Financial currency and Ethical currency. This board game, though competitive, rewards the players for making choices for the maximum benefit of all.

We pre-launched it at a wedding in Bhopal and had some exciting playtests for the game. More playtests are ongoing.

This year, at Swacardz, it seems the year is of games that are at the intersection of culture, food, farming and identities.

In case you wish to get a game designed to meet your personal or organizational needs, we at Swacardz will be happy to do it.

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