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About Us

Dedication and creativity is what we aim for.

Our Story

India Inc. incurs an annual cost of $ 300 billion per annum due to poor communication # The relational loss in households due to poor communication is not even calculated. We, at Swacardz, are determined to build a culture of authentic conversations & communication. Our dream is to build emotionally safe, resilient, and, playful workspaces & households.

Open Up.


We understand your communication need, help you surface the potential growth areas in stakeholder communication and then design interfaces including card games, board games, journals, manuals, toolkits and interactive tools. We add meaning & spark to your purpose-driven communication. We level up your business engagement for your stakeholders (clients, staff, vendors, investors, well-wishers) to understand and engage with your business better.


Swacardz aims to meet the fundamental need for:


We foster acceptance, belonging, cooperation, communication, community, companionship, empathy, inclusion, intimacy, respect, and self-respect to help individuals and organizations build meaningful relationships and thrive in a connected world.


We champion authenticity and integrity, promoting a culture of trust and openness, where individuals can be their true selves without fear of judgment.

Socio-emotional Safety

We provide a platform for individuals to know and be known, see and be seen, understand and be understood. Our commitment to trust and warmth creates a safe space for genuine interactions and personal growth.


Through awareness, discovery, self-expression, and learning, we empower individuals to find purpose and enrich their lives with knowledge and personal development

Our clients
We serve
Managers, HR & L&D executives in Corporates
Social development organizations
Political parties and government institutions
Coaches, facilitators and trainers
Educational institutes
Individuals looking for connections and collaboration
Creative industry (Authors, filmmakers, artists, Ecologists)

If you are any of the above entities that wants to generate meaningful responses from and deliver meaningful communication to your stakeholders, Swacardz is here at your service.

Reach out to us at: [email protected]