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About Our TEAM
Image of the founder of Swacardz, Rahul Hasija.
Rahul Hasija


Rahul Hasija is a writer, TEDx speaker, storyteller, and inter-generational facilitator. He has worked with more than 3000 young learners and young adults and 100’s of parents and educators on learner’s-led education, self-discovery, decoding & disrupting beliefs, expressions, and communication, critical thinking. He has been passionate about designing games, socio-emotional learning tools, and interfaces and hosting safe self-reflection spaces. 
Ramesh Hasija

Operations & accounts

Ramesh has successfully run his distribution and C&FA business for 20 years. He is passionate about Cricket, culture and food.
Manohar Kabeer
Manohar Kabeer is a Community Manager with 10 years of experience across media, tech and events. He pursues his mission of enabling communities by collaborating with brands and volunteering projects. He has worked as Outreach director with Good Pitch and as a community manager with Kuku FM (Oct 2019- Oct 20) and community manager with Mentza (Jun21 – Apr 22)
Urvi Shah
Urvi is a product designer, a bug hopping, trotting and leaping through life while occasionally pausing for sunsets, coffee and ramen. She is currently dabbling between research, facilitation and design at Vikalp Sangam and can be found trying to furiously hold a paintbrush or taking pictures of the quotidian.
Sheena and Sambit
Sheena and Sambit are Ahmedabad-based artists. Sambit is a design professor who has taught at NID, a books-lover and poet at heart. Sheena is an artist, an illustrator, story-teller and a theatre artist.