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Taana Baana

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Taana Baana

A card game co-designed with Youth Alliance has embarked upon a fascinating journey since its recent launch! Designed keeping in mind the questions youth and young adults of today face in their lives, this game has woven its way into various domains. 

Card game called Taana Baana


IIT Students Embark on Conversational Journey

Imagine the thrill when we discovered that the brilliant minds at IIT have embraced Taana Baana as a source of conversation on Career and profession.

Apollo Health and Lifestyle's HR Teams Up with Taana Baana

Apollo Health and Lifestyle's HR Teams Up with Taana Baana

Project Potential Empowers Youth Clubs Across 20 Panchayats

This impactful organization is incorporating our game into their Youth Clubs across 20 Panchayats, enabling community engagement and community-building endeavours.

A Playful Touch to Baby Showers

It has found a delightful place in personal celebrations too! One user ingeniously incorporated our game into their baby shower program, adding a unique and playful twist to the festivities. Life's milestones just got a whole lot more memorable! Another user played with her mother to make the bond stronger.