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10 Places to Playtest your Card Games

Are you eager to put your card games or board games to the test? Whether you’re fine-tuning a new game or seeking feedback on existing ones, finding the right playtesting environments can significantly impact your development process. Based on our experience of playtesting our conversation games, in this article, we’ll explore ten unique locations where you can playtest your creations and gather valuable insights.

1. Board Game Cafés: Board game cafés are hotspots for gamers and enthusiasts alike. These establishments often host events where designers can showcase their games to a diverse audience, providing ample opportunities for playtesting and feedback.

At Thrive café, Anand (Gujarat)

2. Community Centers: Many community centers organize game nights or social gatherings where locals come together to engage in various activities, including card games. These settings offer a relaxed atmosphere perfect for conducting playtests and observing player interactions.

3. Corporate Events: Corporate events and team-building retreats present an unconventional yet effective setting for playtesting card games. These environments encourage communication and collaboration, making them ideal for evaluating the efficacy of your game’s prompts. The only disclaimer is that the card games have to be relevant to the audience

4. Universities and Colleges: Student learning bodies and recreational centres at universities and colleges often welcome game designers to showcase their creations. Engage with student organizations or gaming clubs to arrange playtesting sessions on campus.

5. Outdoor Festivals and Markets: Outdoor festivals and markets attract diverse crowds looking for entertainment and unique experiences. Setting up a booth or participating in a gaming area at such events can expose your game to a wide audience and generate valuable feedback.

6. Wedding Receptions: Believe it or not, wedding receptions can offer a fun and informal environment for playtesting conversation cards. Guests often appreciate interactive entertainment between formalities, making your game a memorable addition to the celebration. We playtested our board game Sohum at a wedding function

7. Family Gatherings: Family gatherings provide a comfortable and intimate setting for playtesting card games. Whether it’s a holiday gathering or a weekend barbecue, family members of all ages can participate, offering valuable perspectives on gameplay dynamics. Let your family be the first guinea pigs for your game. Force them to play, after all they are your family.

8. Local Libraries: Libraries are not just for quiet reading; many now offer spaces for community events and activities. Collaborate with your local library to host a game night featuring your conversation cards, attracting both avid gamers and casual visitors. Some examples are Aata Galatta in Bengaluru and MLS in Chennai.

9. Craft Breweries and Taprooms: Craft breweries and taprooms are increasingly popular venues for socializing and entertainment. Partnering with these establishments to host game nights can introduce your cards to a diverse and enthusiastic audience. Our games were played at Social (Pune and Dadar) and The Pint Room, Delhi.

10. Senior Centers: Senior centers often welcome activities that promote social interaction and mental stimulation among older adults. Consider organizing a playtesting session tailored to the preferences and interests of seniors, who can provide valuable feedback from their unique perspective.

So, where are you going to begin your playtesting… the floor is yours!!!

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