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In this moment – a self reflection journal


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In this moment …

‘In this moment’ is a one-of-a-kind self-reflection journal from Swacardz for writing anything that weighs your heart or intrigues your mind.

In a world flooded with continuous information, it is essential to pause for a moment, acknowledge your emotions and put them down non-judgementally on a blank page to get closer to your authentic self. After all, by staying closer to your true self, you can be resilient to the chaos around you and experience life in totality with acceptance.

This is why Swacardz has unveiled a new journal – In this moment

Whether you need to dump your daily thoughts, write affirmations, capture life’s confusion, and emotional turmoil, unleash the unrestrained artist in you, or share some pearls of wisdom, the journal is carefully themed under the following sections:

  • Roadrunner
  • Salamat
  • Chaos
  • Wonder
  • Harmony & Harvest

What makes it a unique journal? 

  • With a unique compartment to store your collectibles, bookmarks, and leaves from the autumn, you can cherish your nostalgic memories and relive some of your priceless moments from the past.
  • A QR code directs you to a playlist of beautiful instrumentals filling the air around you with lightness, creativity, and relaxation to let go of all inhibitions clouding the mind,  helping you write in peace
  • A balance of empty pages and loosely structured themes help your thoughts flow better, smoother, and easier. Just like water flowing in a river – calm, continuous, and undisturbed

Who is it for?

  • Anyone above 16 years of age
  • Anyone who loves to write
  • Anyone who wants to express themselves through writing
  • Anyone who journals or writes a diary
  • Anyone who is a traveller or an art-based instructor
  • Anyone who has started their self-love journey


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