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  • Swacardz

    Conversationz 1.0

    56 cards, 35 intriguing questions, 7 acts of love, 8 cards for Rapid fire to re-ignite conversations and reflections for deeper connections

    Conversationz 1.0
  • Swacardz

    Taana Baana

    A card game with 72 cards, 6 life themes and 3 exciting ways to build friendships that last & build communities that prosper

    Taana Baana
  • Map of Connections

    A Visual Learning Tool, to help you strengthen local networks, and enable you to deepen connections, promote community engagement, and foster personal growth.

    Map of Connections

    About Us

    At Swacardz, we believe in the power of communication to foster meaningful relationships.

    Swacardz ® is a communication-design consultancy. We enable organizations & individuals to channel purpose-driven communication effectively with our communication tools & interfaces. We design card games, board games, manuals, toolkits, and journals for meaningful and impactful stakeholder communication.

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    What do we offer?

    Your Bridge to Authentic Interactions

    Enriching Connections through Play and Conversation

    Communication tools & Games

    Check out our shop for some exciting communication tools and games for your family, friends and organization.

    Experience-design Consultancy

    We offer bespoke tabletop game design services. If you have a communication need or a pain point, we will help you turn it into an interactive interface.

    Games-based facilitation

    We offer facilitation and training for stakeholder (Clients, staff, investors, Vendors) engagement

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    Discover our range of games, crafted to ignite authentic conversations and deepen bonds. Ideal for friendly gatherings or team-building, each game offers a unique pathway to meaningful interactions.

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