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swacardz was founded by Rahul Hasija in the year 2018 as a small prototype of a card game to facilitate deeper conversations. It was based on his work with youth and intergenerational audience 7 years preceding it where he noticed authentic conversations to be an important and un-ignorable tool for strengthening relationships and building a harmonious world.

Swacardz offers varieties of card games, journals, thought-provoking accessories as well as consciously-crafted workshops. We are happy to be creators & curators of experiences and interfaces for deeper connection with self and beings around us. e together, design and offer life and live experiences about as many facets of self as possible – body, feelings, emotions, thoughts, present self, past self, future self, spiritual self and much more.

'Swa' means self or a collective self. The word 'self' is an umbrella term used here to describe a combination of body, feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, stories & behaviors.

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